Work and learning opportunities

The Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre provides a diverse range of opportunities for those who wish to either work or study in the field of epilepsy.

Our work is diverse and multidisciplinary and encompasses a range of different specialties incorporating the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

As a medical student, I’ve hugely enjoyed and benefited from working with the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre. It has been exciting to engage with and contribute to the cutting-edge research in epilepsy, ultimately working towards improving patient care. Rory Piper, final year medical student

Our clinical research includes conducting clinical trials and long-term studies of patients throughout their childhood, whereas our pre-clinical research is focused on brain research.

If you are a PhD or medical student looking to further your understanding of this field then we encourage you to review the research section of the website and to contact the relevant member of staff directly.

Available PhD Projects

Functional brain connectivity to reveal the relationships between seizures, cognition and behaviour in children with epilepsy

High resolution genotype phenotype correlations for severe paediatric disease caused by mutations in eEF1A2

Work with us

We also encourage approaches from other research bodies and academic institutions who are interested in partnership working.

Please contact the Centre using our contact form and we will ensure that you are contacted by the most relevant member of our research team.