Lovelists go live

Hundreds of MMEC supporters have shared their lovelists online as part of a positive, fun campaign to heighten awareness of epilepsy and the Centre's research into it.

Richard ChinFergus Dunning

From internal to global?

Staff across the University of Edinburgh have joined up with the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre in sharing lists of their top five favourite things in the world via various social media platforms. The name of the game is #lovelistsmmec and it is hoped that via social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, #lovelistsmmec will grow from a feel-good internal communication to a national, even global initiative.

Love actually

Did you know that St Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy? It is hoped that #lovelistsmmec will be a popular feature on social media over the next two weeks running up to a grand finale on our patron's special day; February 14th.

The love themed nature of the our campaign makes for a positive, fun activity with a serious underlying message. 

Why 5?

Epilepsy Action report that around five in every one hundred people will have an epileptic seizure at some point in their life. Out of these five people, around four will go on to develop epilepsy. Anyone from any background can develop epilepsy at any stage of their life. Our researchers are collaborating both with colleagues in Edinburgh and across the world; aiming to progress the understanding and treatment of childhood epilepsy.

Building awareness

The University of Edinburgh is a huge institution with thousands of staff across many sites. Via #lovelistsmmec many people have learnt much more about Epilepsy, the Centre, and the research taking place at it.  

It is hoped that this pattern will extend across Edinburgh, Scotland and even the world. We would like to heighten awareness of epilepsy, and social media is an excellent way of doing this.

Text to donate 

When writing and sharing their lovelists, people have been asked to include the Twitter handle #lovelistsmmec allowing us to track this initiative wherever it may go. Whilst the main focus is awareness, partcipants have also been encouraged to give a small donation by texting MMEC14 £2 to 70070. All donations are very much appreciated by the Centre and will directly benefit the research work being carried out.

Tell us what you love

We would love all supporters of the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre to write and share their #lovelistsmmec online. It's fun, fast and feel-good and by sharing with your friends you will be helping us raise awarness of epilepsy and vital research happening right here in Edinburgh.