Big Leap thank you event

A Big Leap thank you event was held at Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) on 27 January and all of our community fundraises were invited to join. 

The Big Leap thank you event was a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate with and give personal thanks to all that have taken part in helping raise funds for The Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre (MMEC) as well as other charities within the University of Edinburgh network. Take a moment to watch our Thank You video

In the last twelve months, Big Leap Supporters have:

  • baked and sold 18,195 cakes;
  • walked 20 feet over embers burning at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit / 650 degrees Celsius;
  • hurtled down a hill in a giant hamster ball at 30mph;
  • trekked 150 miles across the Kalahari Desert;
  • abseiled 141 ft down David Hume Tower;
  • unicycled, ran, golfed, danced, sang, quizzed and lots more.

We were delighted to join them at this event, where the success of all of these activities and more were summarised. In this way, people were able to hear how the vital funds they have helped raise are making a difference. 

We thank all of our community fundraisers once again for all of the hard work they have done!